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Wrinkles On Her Face

Maryam observes, feels, thinks and then uses a pen. She puts her heart out on the page. She feels herself in the place of her characters.


After a life made up of,

Sobs, smiles and sniffles,

Had she really had to have?


Today was her birthday,

The thirties had started,

And two hours back,

She had a great party.

Looking at her reflection,

She sniffled and sighed,

Was she aging up?

Or Stella just lied.

Two hours back,

She showed her teeth,

When Stella uttered,

But couldn’t just breathe,

‘Cause of few words,

Echoing in her brain,

“So, entering the thirties,

Look out for the veins,

And be very welcoming,

To the wrinkles,

On the whole body,

They do sprinkle”,

She did pass a smile,

Tried to ignore,

But sooner it started,

And moved her more,

And there it was,

The scary moment,

When each pair of eyes,

Became an opponent,

And starred at her,

In utter disguise,

As if she was having,

The wrinkly eyes,

And then the murmuring,

Had just began,

And the low sound of giggles,

Again and again,

The place had just became,

A circus for her,

Of which she was,

The funny joker,

She felt the embarrassment,

And the anxiety,

She couldn’t stand there,

And ran away shyly,

Remembering the pain,

She wiped away the tears,

Rubbing her eyes,

She shifted gears,

She moved a little closer,

To the mirror,

To see her face,

A little more clearer,

Placing her fingers,

On her face,

Stretched her skin,

In disgrace,

She searched for the wrinkles,

On every place,

But couldn’t find anything,

On her face,

She frowned in confusion,

And saw on her forehead,

Few dark lines,

‘Cause of distress,

Then she narrowed,

Her big round eyes,

And there they were,

Few dark lines,

Suddenly she realized,

And bigger she smiled,

And there at lip corners,

Were few dark lines,

She huffed and puffed,

Just for what,

A few dark lines,

So called wrinkles,

She laughed and laughed,

Just so hard,

She almost felt like,

Her lungs ripped apart,

Then she inhaled,

A mouthful of air,

And realized a lesson,

Just standing there,

No matter how old,

She may become,

She wasn’t getting old,

Just so sudden,

Her age, her body,

Was a matter of time,

Her heart and her soul,

Were young and fine,

She smiled and grinned,

And thought wisely,

Not to be taken by,

Words so easily,

And she should though,

Be grateful and don’t cry,

And stop seeing herself,

From others eyes,

She had much to discover,

She was young and bold,

No matter at which age,

There’s a story untold.

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