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Wrestling With the Weeds

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And The Weeds Won

I love planting flowers and watching them grow

The can give you beauty all summer long

Then of course you get their number one enemy

The weeds teamed up with their friends the bugs

I tried the nice way

I put weed block down and that stops them from growing

Every few years the weed block has to be replaced

So there has to be a better way

I figured if I see some I will just dig them up as i go

They sneak up on you and before you know it there everywhere

So that didn't work to well

They also have sprays but they say the chemicals are bad for you

So i use them sparingly

Then come the bugs

I tried natural sprays that suppose to work

I still found those nasty fellas lurking around

So out with the chemicals once again

We had a lot of rain this year

So I seen ants more than usual

i bought those outdoor ant stakes

In the ground they went

It is hard to tell if they are working

You just don't see the ants but many they have gone under cover

I do admire the weeds

How they can grow with no water

In the strangest of places

They not only grow but thrive

Ten in the morning till two

That's enough for one day

I got out there before the heat of the day

In my garden the weeds were taller than my plants

I keep transplanting mint they say bugs don't like it

I don't think my bugs got the e-mail

They seem to hang out and find it a good place as any

I dig the weeds and into to barrel they go

Let them die and into the burn pile

The other weeds that are mixed in my grass

Are going to stay this year

I cut the grass low

It looks nice and green

I hope to see you digging up the ground next to me

Twice the work in less time

That would make my day just fine

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