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Wrath Within Us

I don't even understand what I'm writing....................


It is still unclear to me what was it that lead us to be where we are at the moment,

room trashed, the vanity we built, shattered to pieces.

Was it my fault? Was I wrong for wanting you to understand and hear me?

Have I not loved you enough, for you to refuse to hear my cry? I did not hurt you, I did not mean to raise my voice and physically hurt you? It was my desperation flowing out aggressively just so you, for at least once, would hear my cry.

So please do not reply with tears, do hold accountability for how you made me feel. Don't you realise how badly you wounded my emotionally?

How can you be so naive and selfish that you refuse me plea! How dare you made me be like this.

I may have hurt you, but those bruises will fade.

However, you wounded me and I will never heal.

© 2020 Psychely Keit Reyes