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Wound Poetry

I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.


I want to see the moon,

No need to ask for reality?

O moon

Your dress is so beautiful behind a miss

The ruler's carvings leave you in the universe

O moon

Lonely sky without you

Your aura draw on the melancholy side

O moon

The sea near you are calm at the bottom

Take me there where your light shines

Let my pain wade with your night


Trace that belief, just like you trace love

Caring is embracing, and revenge is hate

Yes, you know that too.

But what does that mean to you?

As for the light on you, you get rid of it?

Because you lose in revenge

And you dance with a black shadow

What you don't see, but you always embrace

Try to understand it in every corner of life

Sometimes it reverses your brain

You always used to smile

Now only moody

Get up with your body

Get to Your Senses

Sometimes you blame the thorn

Who stabbed at your feet

Even though you stepped on it yourself

You also know that fire burns your skin

Why are you still holding on to it?

O people

Truly the contemptible is clear

Why did you follow the steps?

Not so your struggle, evil in view

There is just a lump of meat

Like your behavior

Hope that attention is far from you

Except for the attention of the lord of the universe

It is enough to realize your shortcomings

Become perfection for you

Jealous of your heart only brings regret

That is so heavy later

End of the Road

Sweet lake on the face, once smiled at me between the school benches filled with black ink streaks. Dark, my soul sank into it, but my heart said, "You are not my place!

Your pure white is not worth mixing with my dirty, black, and dark ink. It will only damage your elegance. "This is where the role of time begins. With it we live and die, with it all will come and go.

Oh time, he watched the world a lot. Watching me who is estranged far to neighboring countries, and see your perseverance carried to the heart of our beautiful city. Now, you are at the end of the bridge, while I have just started walking.

My Blessing

I know, every day, my chance is running low. Getting you back is like building a dream in my illusion while awake. Tears swell my eyes. The wails of my soul have long roared in mute mourning, hope I never materialized.

That is the fruit of halal and wishful thoughts which are sometimes ashamed to tell. Later, if your wedding day arrives, I will come to a guest robe.

Even though these millions of my people forbid it, the palate of my heart is as tight as a sword, but I will still come with a tribute.

Pseudo Waiting

I am cursing at the vast ocean, and the waves ran around laughing at me who stood stiffly staring at the distant sky, pitch black with no shining starred stars dimming.

The wind was waving hair waving the leaves withered fall off somewhere, I daydreaming this fantasy night torture.

I waited, something blurry unseen until at the end of the cold night by the raindrops gently falling on the earth, I persisted.

"Oh breeze, convey this love ..."

My hum screamed, drawing sad confusion at the bottom of the heart with bright water ink.

Unfortunately, no one is listening, and no one is looking.

"Only me alone."

Be Thankful

Live it

Even though sometimes your legs are broken

Not in line with your brain

Not according to your heart

And in line with your direction

Not that it's wrong

Do you know?

That cotton is wasted in the wind drag

Also never expected his fate that way?


It turns out that allegations are often false

And reality often shakes the universe

Many of them also smiled when they aired

Live the existence of life that is even sweeter than a coward alleged

Be grateful for his destiny

Because life is a journey


Someone often brushed me over

Sometimes I'm just a distraction, and sometimes I'm ignored.

I often follow the heart; what does he feel?

Do not want me to linger in the dark shade,

In their hands, I briefly, while wasted

I'm a meaning of pain

I'm the meaning of memories

I'm a happy meaning

I am meaning of struggle

I am the meaning of affection

I just kept quiet, waiting for the king to drive me far away

Ah, that's me

Not as heavy as feeling

Not as heavy as a tongue say only words

As much as any raindrops

Can't beat me

Sometimes I just watched it with the wailing king

In Silent

To the time which is reluctant to speak, your silence is my interpretation, your silence is my question, and your wound is my anxiety.

I want to stand in a vast barren field, arid and emptiness is my teacher.

I will learn, continuously with the silence even though the departure of the wind leaves no mark for guidance.

Understanding your silence is my patience. Interpreting the language of your heart is my dream.

© 2019 Isykariman Biridlwanillah

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