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Wouldn't It Be Great

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If We Had A Few Hot Tips Before Every day

An early jump on what's good and what to stay away from

You think we would know by now

Not true

At least for me

I have to learn some of the same lessons

That thought I learned years ago

I don't know if I am forgetting with age

Maybe I am slowing down

Either way I am taking a step back instead of forward

Here are some of the little things I have noticed

Then I will get to the bigger ones later

Eat a good serving of fruits and vegetables every day

The fruits are no problem

I love fruit

Apples and pears and don't forget to pass me those delicious grapes

Vegetables I seem to forget

I try to have a garden salad but I don't think that is enough

It is so easy to slip up

Go for the cookies and the sweets

Then eight hours of sleep a day

Now for years that has never happened

I am lucky if I get five or six hours

More and more I am trying to throw in a half hour cat nap

That will help but not correct the problem

There is not enough time in the day

The list continues

Read a few pages from a book a little every day

I have a new Android phone and it has a lot of cool features

For one thing, it has a nice big screen

Then it has a huge memory

I can go on the Internet real easy

For the longest time

An old flip phone was good enough

I didn't need another gadget

I certainly didn't want to pay over a hundred dollars a month

For a cell phone bill like everyone else

I have found the convenice of the camera alone

Is a great feature

I love taking pictures of everything

Then the battery life lasts so long

The more I use the phone

The less I want to read

Now let us skip over more of the small stuff

Let's go right for the jugular

Exercise is becoming less and less

I get preoccupied with other things

That takes up time

Words that I thought I knew how to spell

Are becoming more and more confusing

Knowledge that I learned way back when

In school, I have to think about

History and geography questions

I had to have known them one time or another

Now it is a little bit fuzzy

I find I stopped making a things-to-do list

Then I have no control

I am all over the place

I am like a car out of alignment

My life keeps on drifting to the left when I want to go straight

Maybe this is just part of getting old

This is new to me

I have never been 56 before

In a conversation, I have said to other people

I am 55

Then after a quick thought

No, I am not

But too late to change it

What will people think?

Here is a guy who doesn't know his own age

Well for all you youngsters out there

Enjoy every day

Make it count

Because one day you may even mix up your numbers

Then catch yourself after

So enjoy the littlest things now

They might seem a lot harder as you age

So this is life

Beautiful and always changing


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