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Wouldn't It Be Grand


Wouldn't it then be such a wonder,

if we could all just finally get along,

even though to the one fraternity,

and the sorority we all do belong?

Not any hatred between any one,

just having a peaceful coexistence,

doing the nice things for each other,

and all done without any pretense.

Wouldn' it be a marvel if was no hunger,

all around this most beautiful world,

all were fed and clothed, had a family,

finest parents, for each boy, and girl?

What if we just each worked together,

making our best plan to overcome,

accepting all religion, never a matter,

when we came or where we're from?


Wouldn't it be the most magnificent,

if we were all to conquer every fear,

never to worry about any tomorrow,

enjoying each day we have so dear?

What if everyone had no sunshine,

and there was no moon in the night,

could we survive on this dear planet,

or just maybe escape it, in our fright?

Should we be grateful for what we have,

then us to count our every blessing,

make the most of each precious day,

rectify our sins, with love professing?

Then there's a chance we may just have

and in the afterworld, as all are uniting.

There we would live in heaven as one,

our souls saved, wrongs then righting!


© 2018 whonunuwho

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