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Would You Show Me Love?

Would you show me love?

If I left my HI unsaid
My HOW DO YOU DO unheard
My WHAT DID YOU DO unprojected
Would you show me love?

If I left no message for days
And displayed all my craze
If I kept my door shut
When you feel great shame and hurt
If I said a capital nay
When you longed for an affirming yay
Would you forgive me?

If I were blind and could not see
and all I could do was speak of your wrongs
if I lack the sense of feeling and were dead to your innermost pain that once interested me,
If I lack patience and long suffering, and refused my blame no matter how glaring
If negativity filled my mouth,
And gratitude and sacrifice are mere words,
If I had nothing to give and didn't know how to build,
If all I saw were your scars and ugly hide
Would you still stick around?

Show me how to love,
Teach me how to love,
Again, Show me how to love
For my memory has failed.
Love me that I may build up my love, my friend.

© 2019 Adeola Okiki

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