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Would You Not Want a Life in Eternity?


I failed the first time but my God is a God of second chances.


Would you not want a life in eternity?

Would you not want a life in eternity?

You are Chosen!

Life is a test!

Not a race for the swift

Nor battle to the strong.

Near to essay-type along with a song.

Blank sheet and a pen were provided.

Questions? It is for you to make.

Answers you should find

In invisible ink it is confined.

Never should you be cheating

Different are the answers for you and for him.

Eager enough for a good remark?

Step out of the dark!

Let the light be at the center

Revealed will be the answer

Bright as the daylight

Darkness cannot hide.

Dance with the spotlight

Show your heart’s delight

You’re chosen, among the few

Renewed like the morning dew.

Let not the world devour you

Let not the darkness consume the light in you.

For everything in here is temporary.

Would you not want a life in eternity?

You can!


Lachrym (author) on May 01, 2020:

There is more beyond this world!

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