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Would, That I Could, To Change This World


Only few souls, marching as to war, with that greatest devotion,

Could change anything with their hearts, one harmonic motion.

Just as one seed to move a mountain, from its base to its peak,

Imagine what a thousand to do, if their's a like goal, all do seek.

Could break the mold, make a new one then, shaped as a heart,

All would take, one determined act, to make whole, from one part.

Standing up and being counted, not sit down, there, just to remain,

Any worthy cause takes sweat and tears, true grit, with all the pain.


What if we could make all children laugh, not to cry in the heat,

Put comforting clothes on their limbs, good food for them to eat.

A roof over each one's head, and clean water for them to drink,

This action is much greater than words, more than just to think.

A concerted effort from every one, as parents to be, themselves,

Gathering of water in jugs, spare cans of veggies on the shelves.

All placed in boxes and carried, sent to needy all around the earth,

The Lord God made us all the same, each child having great worth.


Getting together under one special flag, the one of a great united spirit,

Sharing words of welcome and showing we do care, all glad to hear it.

Propose a saving of our seas, the precious air in which we do breathe,

Being honest and each taking grand pride, not doing acts that deceive.

A true uniting of nations around the globe, respecting each as a friend,

Not to vote on just financial loss or gains, needs to meet, hunger to end.

Praise each one as brothers and sisters, not mere names, to run askew,

Show who we truly are, not by just what we say, but more by what we do.


Stop every war, no matter their cause, preventing any further conflicts,

Keep closer watches on those who could harm, preventing all to inflict.

Make treaties to last forever, never make any threats or to make insults,

Showing concern for each country chipping in when we can, for results.

Get together as one in removing all wastes, of the entire world to span,

Not trashing the oceans and waterways, burn clean fuels, others to ban.

Make education a top priority, not just on paper or in any political speech,

Provide all teachers with needs in the classes, that each child does reach.


Provide all of children's futures, reasons of any further ineptitude to reject,

Not leaving them all with a struggle so great, better role models to respect.

Give this world and not to take away, making it a better place for all to live,

Because of only one chance in life's incessant dance, their privilege to give.

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