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A man struggling to find purpose, and to live a passionate, humble human experience.

by AnnaritaAirbrusher |

by AnnaritaAirbrusher |

Trying to be up with the light,
But greatness brings me down to the dark.

I wonder what's up there
That makes you so attractive.

Want to be a king but I crave the broom,
Worthy? Maybe. If I kneel.

I don't want to choose,
I want to be chosen.

If I lead then what to?
Who for? And what for?

Headphones are my crown,
And people my broom.

It's a story of fire and water,
Steam and ice, so who would
Follow a contradiction, who needs
Me if I'm not me anymore?

I'm afraid, but am I that brave?
Can I be again? And do I want to?
Thought the world was helpless,
But I'm the one leaning for a hand.

Do I suffocate with teeth or
Hydrate the world with water?
Am I Alexander or Free?
Am I me, or something more?

© 2022 Arthur Gulumian

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