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Worldly Spiritual Observations

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Earth, God, Lightning

Earth, God, Lightning

Does God know the number of hairs on our head at any one time?
Does he also know the number of coffee beans on a coffee bush? Does he know when one falls off and then calculate a running tab on how many are still on the bush?

Why are we so enamored with our selfish little selves? Are we alive for the purpose of entertaining God? Are we here to worship God for his own pleasing and to obey his commandments to show our obedience? Is that the only way he will accept us and love us? Is God black and white? Reality isn’t.

Where do the stars begin and end?
Why is the universe so vast?
Just so we would look so small?
Is it all an illusion?
Is illusion an attitude within our consciousness?

Where do questions come from?
Why do I have a vulnerable mind?
And why is my essence of such great impoverishment?
Are there any other sources of love’s essence I haven’t tapped out?

Why am I depleted?
Why am I so dependent?
Why am I so demanding!?

As I stand at the gate of eternal judgment will I know in my heart that I qualify to pass? Will I be able to recite how many hairs are on my head? Will that be enough to pass my judgment? Will there be an accounting of each and every sin I ever committed? Since the number of my hairs are significant for whatever reason I KNOW my sins are! Oh my! Is this The Wizard of Oz? Why all the perceived shame? Shame is a perfect deterrent to sin, so is guilt.

The fact that I don’t always remember to ask forgiveness for my sins, is that a sin in and of itself? Is there anyway to win? I hope this is only the top of the first inning and I’m last up to bat!

Life is a certainty of day in, day out repetition and recognition, living in the never ending chaos of anxiety, under the watchful eye of the all mighty-- afraid to make a mistake or slip up. I think the overwhelming idea having billions upon billions of sins piling up against one’s self would have anyone fleeing the other way! I get angry. Although, I find that I am with you in energy and spirit. Still.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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