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World of Mirrors

Caeyo has always been a writer since she was a kid. After she finished college, she now has her first job as a copywriter in a BPO company.

World of Mirrors

Staring at the mirror, makes me see

This is only the person I can be

It's like looking at this people, discriminating

Giving these tears when they start laughing

In this world of discrimination, life is unfair

Fighting back at them,don't you dare

These may only give them courage and put you down

Like a wild raging ocean,you'll surely drown

Mirrors are like these people,you see

They can make you see what you weren't able to be

Reflection of an imperfect person

Living in a world like this is like living hell in a prison

But not all mirrors are mean

Some may be good and didn't even care about what they've seen

Not like others, they don't seem to be finding errors

In fact they're helping to find a way out of this world of mirrors

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