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World of Color


This wonderful world of color, a gift from our creator on high,

The beautiful sunups and the sunsets, wild geese on the fly.

What newer brightest skies just might our eyes all to behold,

Such a benevolence from our maker each day so does unfold.


If only those blind could only to see, such marvels all around,

The lame to walk, the deaf to talk, a magnificence to abound.

Only the Lord God and life-giver of all, such a gift from above,

What a miracle to be received, this grand wonder of His love,


What would our world to be without color, of such perfection,

Could we all enjoy every day, missing each finest projection?

The smallest creatures to the greatest, all to be color defined,

A rainbow of joy, inspiration, is all life about us, so designed.


Our benefactor in all of his generosity could only be the source,

The intensity of his affection and watchfulness, a mighty force.

Who could doubt the Grand Father of all, of His very existence,

Of such love and in our gratitude, to receive such resplendence?