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World Without Hunger: Poem

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Ending hunger of people is everyone’s responsibility.

Ending hunger of people is everyone’s responsibility.

Weekly Word Prompt 56: Hunger

Hunger is perhaps the greatest curse, a person can have in life.
Despite the growing population all around the World, Nature has abundance of food and resources for everyone.

Then, why is it that Hunger and starvation is one of the major problems of the countries around the world?
Equal opportunities for everyone is the answer, but it’s not so easy to provide.
And, in spite of the sincere efforts of the governments of different countries of the World, the disparity exists in social status of people, and poverty and hunger is a reality.
We can do our part, by not wasting food, by feeding the hungry, by sharing what we don’t need and by other means.
Dear friend Brenda has provided us with another word prompt.

Word Prompt—Hunger

It’ s not easy to discuss this serious issue in few words, it’s causes, steps taken by governments to resolve it, etc. etc.

As a response to the word prompt, I have composed two poems, and an acrostic poem.
Thank you Brenda, for your continued efforts and motivation to the fellow writers.
Hope you like my response, Brenda.

No one should sleep hungry.

No one should sleep hungry.

Ending Hunger: Poem

Consider yourself fortunate,

If you can afford two square meals a day,

Hunger is the worst curse,

Anyone can face in life,

There are many in the World,

Who have to sleep without food,

Children, adults, who are homeless,

Hunger is their worst companion,

Food is precious and everyone’s right,

Remember, not to waste it,

Share food, and feed the hungry,

Because, that’s the most noble thing to do.

Nature provides enough for everyone,

Let Hunger not be the cause of someone’s end.

Hunger for Knowledge: Poem

Another kind of hunger,

The hunger for knowledge,

Hungry to read more,

Understand better,

Not to stop questioning,

What, how, why, where,

Curiosity to know the mysteries,

Of life, of eternity, of reality,

Hungry to learn,

Each day, every day,

To explore the World,

To enlighten the others,

Inquisitiveness, and eagerness,

An appetite and hunger for knowledge.

Acrostic Poem on Hunger

Humanity’s curse,

Undo the global crisis,

None should starve,

Gravity is enormous,

Each one, feed one,

Right to food, is for everyone.

© 2022 Chitrangada Sharan

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