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It's A Place You Would Never Suspect

In a hunt

I stop and grunt

Frustrated and aggravated things don't go my way

Why should they?

I don't make up the rules but I have to follow them

Long hours turn into long days

I am not afraid

Once I came with little understanding

So many people have followed this path

I am not the first

One day I will have to step aside

There will be many more people behind me

They might do the same thing better or worse

It is no contest

In my mind, I continue to make it one

I spent years trying to perfect

A hidden unknown talent

Only to hang up and leave

No different than a winter jacket in the summertime

Never to do again

It makes no sense

There are many days that the joy never stops

The same people I like

I have despised them with a passion

I feel connected

Yet think I found my place in life

Then there are times I just want to go home

Forget I ever came

I come in early and leave late

At times I miss the beautiful weather and all the important events

I have to follow rules and sometimes they seem like orders

When all is said and done

I still am no better off than when I started

When I was a young boy

I looked around me then

I saw so many old people

With so much experience and wit

Now I have turned into one of them

Without even knowing

The wrinkles on my face

My body aches

Are the pains made up?

To what do I owe this pleasure?

It brings me enormous wealth I would have never seen

Yet am I really happy?

To press on

To move sometimes fast at a pace only a few can keep up

Some say you are in a rut

Get out while you still can

I say it is too late

I have opened the gate

That will not close

My clothes are simple

My thoughts are complicated and lead to my greatest achievements in life

When did it all begin?

When did things change?

Was it overnight

When I became the birdwatcher

Instead of the bird

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