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Working Our Way Through Life


A Lifetime Of Physical And Mental Labor

When I was old enough to work

I followed the path

Like so many other people

Who found ways to give of their time and effort

In replace for monetary value

Then the process was repeated

In an endless variety of ways

Thus so many jobs created

It is a history of love

When we are able to give of ourselves

To make us useful in society

Contributing our skills and talents

To make this world a better place

Only after years of practice

We finally get to stop what we are doing

Our bodies aren't as young and resilient

So it might be time

To hang up our hat

Leave the working force

For someone younger to fill our shoes

If we weren't already replaced by machines

We are a giant bag of mixed life lessons

That reveal who we are and what we stand for

Our careers help define our talents and skills

But in no way, shape or form

Tell the whole story

We are so much more

We are people who live two separate lives

A working life

A family life

Each makes the other one more important

As we give a third of most of our days

To a job that we have done so well

Through a never ending ritual

There is no right or wrong profession

Some time when we were young

We slowly began to mold

Like a clay artist

Forming all different shapes

With none exactly a like

Each is so special

So they can stand all by itself

Earned the right

To shine in the light


DREAM ON (author) on October 02, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee Take a few steps outside and then come right back home. As you practice that each day you add a little more time. Before you know it you will be doing so many things. Your life will be looking up. If your not sure do what feels comfortable. Thank you so much for being so special and reading my poems. I hope tomorrow is awesome.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 30, 2019:

I've run smack dab into a dead end and I need to turn around and make my way back. I am doing well on my writing sites and just broke down and became a member of Medium because they convinced me I will be read more and get offers. However. I still need more writing jobs, I need to go out and see the world outside my apartment but I am now too comfortable inside, and I have no idea how to adopt a cat companion if I cannot get to a shelter and the beat goes on

DREAM ON (author) on September 30, 2019:

Lorna Lamon I think your right. Work is a good starting point. At the same time, we have to let children grow up and learn for themselves. I enjoyed your comment. All tips and hints welcome.

DREAM ON (author) on September 30, 2019:

Brenda Arledge Our jobs are important. I think the lesson here is don't lose sight of our real goal. Family is someone who you come home to every night. Providing and making sure they are taken care of. All the large sums of money don't mean anything without sharing it with someone we care about and vice versa. Thank you for reading and sharing.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 29, 2019:

Yes, there is so much more to each person than just what career we did in life.

But usually it labels us and we get weary as we grow older.

Good write.

Lorna Lamon on September 29, 2019:

I enjoyed the way this poem explored that we are much more than one person or job. I believe that the many hats we put on throughout the day make us who we are,not always perfect but certainly interesting..

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