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Working On And Out

Keep Moving

You will see results

There comes a time

When everything you see is at a halt

You think in your mind

It is at a standstill

No progress

No difference

No change

We were wrong before and we are wrong again

Think of it as looking at a mirage

We believe it to be true

Other people see the same thing

It has to be true

But it is the farthest from the truth

It is not real

So instead of barking up the wrong tree

Let's see what we can do

Regroup and refocus

Find something fun to do instead

Take a walk

Is my good stand by solution

Stop beating yourself up

I find things that give me instant gratification

A big old bowl of cereal is what I love

I hop in a shower

Even if I am not dirty

I love a refreshing hot shower

Soaping myself up and relaxing every muscle

I'm too lazy to take a bath

I need a quick fix

While I am in the shower

I decided to wipe down the walls of our shower stall

Sometimes they get soap build up

I feel good now that it looks better

Off to enjoy the rest of my day

Pressed for time

Not for answers

I hope if you hit a snag in your day

You might have some trouble getting free

If I was fishing I would pull out another rod

Put that line down

Pick it up again a little later

When I have a better frame of mind

If I kept on pulling at it

I would lose my hook, weight and sinker

That would cause me to curse

Then I would say words that aren't nice

Even worse would be the words I am thinking

You little wrotten stinker

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