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Work Is More Than Just A Job

It's Our Life

Like it or not

We go to work every day

Put our time in

Get a paycheck

Make a living from the money we recieve

Do we have to love work?

Many people would argue and say no

Do we have to like work?

I don't think anyone would argue

It would be helpful and very beneficial to do so

I will tell you some of the things I have learned

I just finished my thirty-sixth year at the same job

I can't wait to tell you where I stand now

I have seen thousands of people come and go

First I have to give you a little background

On how and where it all began

I was graduating from high schoool soon

The day was....

May 4th, 1983

I haven't done any real work anywhere until now

I was busy just being a kid

Going to school and doing the best I could

Having fun and enjoying life

Then there comes a time we grow up

We have to start earning a living

Doing a job that will pay us for our time

Over time we will be taught and learn what to do

Either stay at that job for awhile or move on and find something else

Some people make a career out of the job they pick

Other people go from job to job

Looking for what job fits them the best

Some people leave one job for another for more pay

Some people leave because they can't get along with their managers or coworkers

Then other people find a job that is more to their liking

Maybe they took their first job because they needed to pay their way through college?

Now they are working in their chosen profession

Sometimes it is just to have spending money

They might still live at home and have very little expenses

Years later they could move out on their own

Then their whole life changes

More responsibility with more bills

You now have to pay for rent for a place to live

A weeky food bill

For all that food that you just thought it grew in the refridgerator

You will need dependable transportation

Add in your car insurance and a car payment

Unless you are fortunate enough to live close to work

Now you have a bunch more bills to pay

There is heat and electric in most apartments

Unless you get one where they are included

I hit the jackpot

I worked close to home

So close

I could walk their in five minutes

I found an apartment where electricity and heat was included

I even bought an old car and paid for it in cash

Then there was cable,telephone

Believe it or not?

The world before cell phones

So my life began

I was soon enrolled as a student in a local junior college

Learning about business and the way life works

I also paid for my college in cash

What little I saved seem to disappear real fast

There was always something I didn't expect

A birthday gift and we can't forget those holidays and weddings

Not to shock you too much but this is how I got my early start

More in a series to come later

Paycheck after paycheck

That is 1,872 paychecks later

Where did they all go?

If you are at all interested?

I have so much more to say

It will have to wait till later

Off to work

Starting my thirty-seventh year

I feel like celebrating

I wonder?

Should I get dressed up for the occasion

Maybe I will even buy myself a cake

I know exactly what I want it to say on it


For a job well done

Only you could of done it

Maybe, because nobody else wanted too

Either way I am on with my day

Happy as a clam

Kind of fitting because I work in a seafood restaurant

I will continue my little show and tell

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