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Words and Actions - a Poem

Genevieve is a aspiring poet and writer who loves to read. Book recommendations are encouraged! All genres welcome

Sometimes I grow tired of all this chattering. I am normally a reserved person and prolonged social interactions can be tiring as everyone always seems to a facade and ulterior motives. Deciphering this can be hard and draining. And with the anonymity that the internet provides had led to the polarisation and separation of society. But we all inhabit this planet together, we succeed and fail together. So why are some people still clinging to the ideals of times long past even when they have already been proven to be wrong. I hope people can change but some have proven otherwise so here is a poem written fuelled by my frustrations.

Words and Actions

Words flow from the tip of the pencil

Ideas conjured from the murky depths of imagination

Onto paper to reader, then into the minds

the cycle of ideas never dies

Idle thoughts

Never-ending cycle

And yet why,

in a world of change and new ideas

why is the hardest thing to change are our mind?

Fingers can tap out messages

of whatever nature we please

Yet our minds remain fixed

in their unyielding state

Subconscious messages control

unconsciousness biases

influence actions of utmost importance

Yet rational reason

always succumbs to personal

emotions and biases

that show no mercy

Yet they mean no harm

the lessons we internalized

Lessons we pick up from external examples

Who are we to blame for the actions of our own

We are one

yet we are many

but our ideas our interwoven and

we are more connected that we

could possibly imagine.

I hope that after reading this poem you can begin to see the seriousness of the situation. Perhaps we will change perhaps we won't. Until then, so long friend.

Genevieve Brooks


© 2017 Genevieve Brooks

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