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Past Alone

Regrets and mistakes

Stagnant in life,

Being burned like candles

Being slowly devoured

By flames of reflection

As light flickers,

Leaving the dark silent room.

Realizing reality

As dreams fade, dreams forget

Doubting doubts in heart

Then waking up, longing for something

Can't feel, can't see

The warmth long gone

Though living, life long dead.

Century's year had yet to pass

Yet blame will stay,

Thoughts unclear as

Loneliness, pains, mourning

All are ephemeral

But keep on treasuring

The causes of footprints left.

Maybe or just maybe

Life is the biggest problem

Or just an untouchable reality

Or a facade of suffering

Or a charade of an unknown

Either or neither,

Just have faith, even a dot of it.

Because everytime everything soars higher,

Makes it possible for it to fall harder

Then regrets surfaces, inner demons laughs

Just like how everything submerge

On water, they tried but drowns eventually.

About the poem

I sometimes do bad decisions that makes me regretful for my entire life that i cant just stop remembering it. Until there are times where i ask myself why did i do it? why would i do that thing? And this kind of thing repeats itself even for a long run hunting me. Thus i want to seek inner peace without worry and regrets but sometimes its just to hard to do it than to keep motivating myself. We all have regrets but we can overcome it, just trust yourself even its hard to let go. Then one day you'll just remember how fantastic is it to experience such things because life lessons are the best teachers we have.

© 2020 DawnToDusk