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Words Stronger Than Gold

We are living our lives inside this thing
We’re facing one another but now which way
You’ll travel the world alone so now’s your chance
I asked you to take one of my eyes with you
You weren’t sure if you could see things my way

I tried to split all your thoughts in two
But can we live freely inside another world view
You were born a thousand miles or more away
Had anyone told us we would never have met
Someone said chance doesn’t need our help

It was my imagination that realized it was you
But I did not draw because you’re not a canvas
I had to believe in something greater than me
Accepting it would live and breathe on its own
Not like a painting waiting for someone to view

We stand on opposite ends of the ring
You hold one side while I hold the other
Should we wear what cannot be divided
Or hang it on the wall above the word love
Will our word always be stronger than gold?