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Word Prompts: Raindrops From Heaven & Waiting out the Storm (Week 13)

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Word Prompts: Raindrops from Heaven & Waiting out the Storm " is in response to Brenda Arledge's word prompt ~ Week 13.

The prompt is "Raindrops."

I've created 2 poems for this challenge.

"Raindrops from Heaven" and "Waiting out the Storm."

These poems express different ideas about raindrops.

"Holes In The Floor of Heaven by Steve Wariner Lyrics"

Poem Summary

"Raindrops from Heaven" is a poem written for the word prompt, "Raindrops."

This one is a bit different toward the end. I hope you enjoy it.

She wanted a picture-perfect day but it was ruined by a cloudy day with rain. She puts her head back beneath the covers but then she remembers how God weeps.

He cries teardrops from heaven with no two alike. One is for the broken hearts who are grieving while the other is for happiness for the souls coming back home to heaven.


Raindrops from Heaven

She looks forward to waking up

to a picture-perfect day

but that image is ruined

when she hears the plunking sound of raindrops

pounding fiercely on the rooftop.

With no glimpse of light

piercing through the cracks of the curtains,

her tiny bedroom seems dismal and grey,

making her pull the covers

back over her head.

How easily her mood sways

greeting a gloomy day

when yesterday, nothing could take her smile away.

Then she remembers

how God weeps,

sending droplets of water pouring from the sky

as he watches spirits leave their earthly body

to rejoin him in heaven.

No two tears are alike

For one touches a broken heart

while the other celebrates

his angel coming home.


Poem Summary

"Waiting Out The Storm" is a poem written for the word prompt, "Raindrops."

When it rains it pours as we duck for cover. We wait for the tornado to change its course. Then we anxiuosly await a rainbow over the horizon.


Waiting Out The Storm

When it rains, it pours

flooding in each direction

nowhere can we see dry land.

We duck and cover

from a tornado’s violent winds

destroying object in its path

for we are no match.

We ride out the storm

waiting for its trail to change course

looking for a rainbow on the horizon.


"Gary Allan - Every Storm (runs out of rain)


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