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Word Prompts: Stars

Brittany is a self-published poet, poetry blogger, and aspiring children's book author who enjoys participating in poetry challenges.


Poetry Word Challenge: Stars

I believe poets to have a different mind set from an author. I consider myself lucky to be able to write poetry. I've written and published a book of poetry and I have a poetry blogging website to share writings with the world when I am inspired. However, life continuously creeps in and makes it challenging for me to schedule in a writing routine. Most of my time is spent with my son who is autistic. They are not the best sleepers, and I spend many nights attending to his needs. Just this morning, we were up at two-thirty. He miraculously was energized enough to make it to preschool (I am puzzled as to how), so I am enjoying my third cup of coffee while engaging in this word challenge created by Brenda Arledge. Reading poems by John Hansen (who consistently partakes in Brenda's challenges) has inspired me to write more poetry of my own. I am grateful to have Brenda provide subject challenges since writers can experience writer's block.


Poems About Stars

Stars shine bright within the night

Their twinkling lights scattered high

Above a country field

Radiant and white

Sending wishes who dare to ask

White light washes my hair

Under the waning moon

Kissing me softly through the air

In the month of June

Sparkling diamonds fill the sky

In a world of black

The beauty of them makes me cry

Their presence never lack

Even though it's dark outside

Stars shine the whole night through

Glowing like a new bride

Starting a chapter to something new

Darkness brightens with the stars

Shining lovely from afar

By: Brittany Benko

Falling Star (Love Poem)

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