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Word Challenge: Experimentation

Brittany is a self-published poet, poetry blogger, and aspiring children's book author who enjoys participating in poetry challenges.


Hello hubbers! It has been a couple of months since I've written. My husband has been dealing with doctor appointments due to a car accident at work, and I have been playing designated driver. We are still a month and two weeks out from knowing if he has any permanent damage, so my writing will be limited while we are in this position. On an exciting note, I have a children's picture book in the works. An illustrator is currently working diligently. The only thing I need to do is come up with a title and send the book to an agent that I see fit once it is complete. Slow progress is still progress in my book. Now, let us get into the heart of this article.

I've learned that my son and myself carry extra X chromosome material that can cause autism and other disabilities. While I myself did not inherit this gene from either of my parents, my son most likely inherited his from me. Mine was simply formed as an "error" while developing in my mother's womb. As a child, I was tested for basic disabilities excluding autism spectrum disorder. I ended up having a learning disability, and now I wonder if I've had high functioning autism my entire life after learning about the mental disorder from my son. With this new understanding, I have been experimenting with methods that some autistic people use to help themselves handle everyday life.

A Poem Describing Experimentation Through Atypical Behavior

I truly want the world to see the lovely awkward part of me

Deep down inside I want many friends

I cannot seem to follow trends

I find it challenging to understand jokes

While publicly speaking, I let out a croak

Extremely uncomfortable with a crowd

Preferring environments that are not loud

Do not ask me to talk on the phone

I'm most content while I'm alone

I love to sing but possess stage fright

My hands get sweaty and my voice becomes tight

You will always find me lost in a book

I prefer paperbacks instead of nooks

There are topics I secretly love

I may overshare this passion with an aggressive shove

I may be blunt and do not care

Sometimes I'm completely unaware

Sensitive to sound and light

If you creep up on me, you'll give me a fright

I've always felt out of place

I move through life at my own pace

Constantly trapped within my own mind

Rehearsing conversations with any dialogue I can find

I mask myself in front of friends

Careful not to show I am good at pretend

If people knew the real side of me

I'm fearful of being judged with blind eyes

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