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Won't You Decide?

How many shades of love must I spill on you
Before you say it's too much and we never will?

How many doors must you open first
Before your heart can never be broken?

Are the things I feel only a game of chance
Can I tell you as if this is my last romance?

I never felt so alone
Until I met you
Desire long thought dead
Now a fire inside my head

Don’t be afraid when a man looks far at you
While you wonder about how things seemingly are

I’ve been trying
Forget I smiled so hard
I gave you the key
Don’t lose it inside your heart

If we are unsure what to do now my love
Maybe it will be love that will teach us how

Because our lives fill all our time keeping us apart
It is time elusive that is beginning to speak its mind

I never felt so weak
Until I met you
Strength always inside
Now begging you to decide

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