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Won't Put A Ring On It

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Cat lover, RMT, MD in the making. I just love writing about anything and I want to share my thoughts out there.

If I said I don’t need a man,

Will that lessen my worth as a woman?

If I said I’ll be fine on my own,

Will that make me look so alone?

Do I need a man for me to live?

Do I have to take one to appease society?

For the looks of people are full of intrigue

That if you are single, then you are ugly.

And that, I may as well be

Than be with someone who doesn’t love me

For the eyes are the ones who fall in love first

Then comes the decision: to love or to curse.

And for the people, they might look with pity

That this girl they know is still not married

No man to show with to all the gatherings

So sad a sight, how lonely could she be?

But what they don’t know is I’m fine on my own

I cook, I clean, I mow my own lawn

Tend what I must, and pay all my dues

Don’t need a man, I’ll be my own muse.

But then they’ll say that I’m gay somehow

Don’t want a boy but girls are allowed

Say that they’ll accept me for whoever I’ll be

What a life it is to live in this society!

And what they say always tires me out

‘You need to get married’ is all they can mouth

So sick and tired of this endless issue

I want to be single; that is my rule.

I want to work as hard as I can

Earn all of my keeps; and not a man

No need for rushes, I have a plan

I’ll be with someone if that’s what I want.

For starters, I love my independence

Binds from lovers are absolutely absent

No need for cuddles, I have my cats

Talk to my friends, that’s how I catch up!

And friends, for me, are better to keep

The truer they get, the better they’ll be

Than with a man who’ll I be so worried

Where are you at? What time will you meet me?

And I see those as some kind of a pain

You have to reply again and again

Some may want that but that is not me

I may look like too sad, but I don’t need saving.

And so I hope that people can understand

Why certain women won’t have a man

But I’m not against to those who have one

That is their life; they know how it runs.

For there are people that their love is so true

Till death do they part is what they will do

And that is so beautiful, is what I would think

So sweet is the two, they make each other pink.

But there are some couples who like to have fun

No need for seriousness, they bask in the sun

Whatever may come, whatever they take

They think it is cool, but their love isn’t fake.

Yet there are couples who’re bad together

They argue a lot, throw vases at each other

Some of them end up breaking apart

Their kids to share, give child support.

Everyone of us have choices to take

Good for the others, some make mistakes

But to live with content is what we should make

We do live freely, but our lives are at stake.

Each of us, people, have their own stories

One likes to love; others are like me

So I wish that people won’t even judge quickly

It’s okay to be single, just live your life fully.