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Won't Go Down


Never go down in Life.

Time passing by

like sands dripping,

State of mind changing

and heart pumping high.

Looking in mirror

reflection of mine,

hopeless, nonentive

yet so high.

Talking to a mirroring

sounding mad,

raising soul's spirit

as aspiration's high.

Keeping it cool

there's storm inside,

moments to explode

barely holding by.

Can't go down

a lot to come,

difficulties are highways

lanes to come.

Bar sets high

profusion to reach,

distance too long

desires to reach.

Won't go down

ready for brawl,

knees too weak

Psyche is strong.

Fight is onn

till I score,

proviso I don't

It's not the end.

© 2017 Aakash Mishra

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