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Women Of The World

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You Constantly Change Our Lives

Every day I can't thank you enough

You continue to teach me about happiness so deep and wonderful

I look and open my eyes to all the beauty

You have taught me how to appreciate the small and the magnificient

My mother who gave birth to me

Continued all her life to comfort me whenever I was sick or needed help

She supported my father in so many decisions

That help shape me to who I am today

There are a few good friends who I could talk to as my life began to get more complex

Giving me more insight and understanding

My wife who shows her love constantly

She never stops guiding me in the right direction

Finding a way to make things right when they spiral out of control

There are so many more women who inspire and create

Push the boundaries where men stop

They are from all walks of life

Simple and sweet

Quiet and strong

Some lead and direct

They all are so important

I want them to be appreciated and respected

Every day in a unique way

Words of praise are a small step in the right direction

They have taught us so much more

How to be kind and show simple love

That fill every moment

They make giving an art

It is so much harder than it looks

They teach us how to begin

It comes from within

All you have to do is start

By loving with your heart