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Women-an Epitome of Strength

Women Power


Women- An Epitome Of Strength

She is sensitive and meek,

But not timid and weak

Smilingly facing all odds

She is a disguise of the Lord.

She happily goes through the pain.

Without even a complain.

She does it all without even making us realise.

She vanishes our pain and cries.

She gives life to an embryo.

She gives it a beautiful tomorrow.

She is an epitome of strength.

For her own ones, she can go great lengths.

She does it all without expecting any praise.

Insults and criticisms by her quietly is faced.

That doesn't mean she is weak and not gallant.

But it means relationships to her are more significant.

She connects hearts.

Instead of setting them apart.

She is a source of love and peace,

she gives the dead a new lease.

She endlessly cares.

And always wishes for others growth and welfare.

She always ensures intact remains our grin.

Sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a sister, daughter and soul mate, she is with us through thick and thin.

We know we are safe and secure when in her arms.

By nothing we can be harmed.

She is a paragon of purity and divine.

She disappears darkness by being a sunshine .