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Woman's Freedom

Your existence is not insignificant

Woman ever since you came to earth.

You are fighting for your existence.

You were bound in shackles in every age and.

Your bonds are not your own but made by others.

You have no right over your life,how is this compulsion.

Playing with compulsion or insulting you for centuries.

You have crossed so much misery for centuries today.

Where did you reach where you were?

When did you fight with all your might for yourself?

You kept bowing down for others, said your thought to you.

You ended your every aspiration for others.

You have never been able to live for yourself,you have no right to anything.

For ages the society considered you as your property.

You have always been a dancing doll on the instruction of others.

And you played all the toys as you wanted.

Did you ever become, have you ever been exploited in every round?

You were so scared that you made your own destiny like this.

The one who is always silent, who does not retaliate.

Because you were stifled or struck by blows.

You were tortured for so many ages that you forgot what you are.

You forgot your mighty powerful form.

You are the goddess who made this earth shine.

With his arrival, love was included in the whole universe.

You are brave,when you come on your will, de story the earth.

If you want, start if you want, then fall.

But as your creation,you do not do your own but others life.

But now you sacrifice your simplicity tolerance,you fight for your freedom.

Why are you helpless why do you think you are inferior.

Know the infinite power inside you with which you can face everyone.

If you have the power to sustain,then you have to show your power to destroy.

You are not dependent on anyone,all depend on you, you keep everyone together in yourself.

You don't need anyone's support because you yourself are capable.

Come out of your image created by others, strong woman.

Know your arts and yourself and embody the power.

When you are tolerant, why have you become so silent for yourself?

Get up and fight your own battle,you have been alone for centuries, why do you think?

Everyone used you for themselves and made you helpless.

You are not helpless,you are the heroine of defeats,get up with your power.

And show the image of your bright beauty to the whole world.

And cover this entire surface with your infinite salty power with all your skills.

Because you are a woman, when it comes to you, then you do not listen to anyone.

You become free from every bondage with your own strength.

You are not weak, you are like this earth,whenever you want, you can shed whenever you want.

Be ready with your strength then see who can stop you.

Do not have the courage to stop you and free yourself from your shackles.

You are the woman of today, do not stop, you are free now, this is your freedom and this is the freedom of every woman.

© 2022 Sultanakhan

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