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Woman of Utopian Worlds and of Reality

Writer, author, short story writer, poet, youtuber, blogger.


Tree woman

If the branches of thoughts are born from my hair;
that levitate over matter and the abstract.
That I am?
Am I a tree woman?
Am I perhaps a distant mutation of the human species?

I am the current evolution;
a tree woman
I am a woman with defined roots;
although think, that I am abstracted and only thinking.

Although they think what they think of this hallucinated!
My soul is not absent or locked up.
I am free!
My spirit travels everywhere;
to different planets and regions.
saturated with passions.

I have traveled to the planet of love,
to the planet of hate,
to the planet of nostalgia,
of forgetfulness;
of pure and chaste sentiments.
and countless complex regions, such as;
the region of desires,
and of dreams.
And the land of reality…

Sometimes a famine of letters shakes me,
and I feed on books and philosophical reasoning;
where the constant mist of knowledge,
besieges me and tells me:

Never, as long as you live, will you be full of me.
The more you feed;
more you will need, more and more;
of my persuasive foundations;
wisdom that never ends.


Venus, the muse of sea water

I feel like I can't stop this cascade of thoughts from the river anymore...
The muse overflows and contemplates nature in all its splendor.
The diamonds scattered on every tree leaf,
they give a shine of gleaming sentences.

Now I walk on the dry leaves of dreams,
in each step I remember even more,
the hours that go through the material and spiritual.
Minutes that do not stop, nor will they ever stop.

Experiences woven in the mists and in the clarity,
experiences stamped in colors and black and white.
Scarce breathing or abundant waves of the sea.
Deep breath where the ocean is still,
love and peace of marine cities.

Lying on the algae I spread my fins,
dozing in this expanse of sea,
I see my utopian relatives who greet me,
and they call me in the form of insistent bubbles.

"Venus come" says a bubble with the voice of one of my sisters the sirens",
exploding near me. "Venus come" says the voice of my merman in love, in another bubble. Oh I'm coming, I protest, so they don't send any more bubbled messages.

In an impulse of rhyme and prose, swiftly I cross the sea,
until I reach my loved ones.
And together we plan a meeting of unforgettable
fringes of humid sun.
the illuminated sea is the lamp of the event,
projecting the great hall from the ocean.


The site of destiny

And when I arrive at the site of destiny, I will not be in the plane of matter. From here, they will continue without me. I will circle in each melody of my choice, in each letter thrown into the air, and in each paragraph scattered in the sea.

Perhaps some memory emits its own wings and haunts some mind, or it is likely that I will lose myself in total oblivion. I will know that from that dimension, where a screen will project the experiences of the planet, without time, without end, without beginning.

The real and true house awaits us. By the way in this corporeal experience, let us be worthy of being able to inhabit it one day, (when it is the moment of the physical end) the perfect home, together with God, our father.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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