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Woman- The Wonderful Power

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Woman - A Beautiful Creation


The source of origin of the world is Adi Shakti.

It is believed that this elaborate,

infinite and astonishing world is created

by this primal power.

As such,

the woman has the ability to create in nature.

This nature and the beginning power

is the female form.

The energy that is circulated

in the particles of the

entire universe is the female form.

The festival of Navratri

reminds us of this every year.

It is not just a festival or a puja,

but an opportunity to understand

the importance of women power.

The nine forms of Durga (Hindu- Goddess)

are not just a festival or worship

but an opportunity to understand

the importance of women power.

The new form of Maa Durga

is a symbol of the nine arts of woman.

Maa Bhavani is venerable in its forms,

even today women have the same

unprecedented power of creation,

husbandry and destruction.

The new forms of Durga

are filled with the joys and powers,

the woman of today is equipped with

the same powers and emotions.

Woman Earth is the mother's replica

and nature's adornment and unique gift.

She is a power and a wonderful miracle.

Grains are produced from the earth's womb

and this grain nourishes all organisms.

The baby is born from the mother's womb

and milk flows from the mother's chest,

which nourishes the baby.

She supports a part of her body

like a true friend and guide

in every situation of life.

When heavy and sudden disasters

surround man,

when misfortune takes place in prosperity,

Friends who leave in happiness

leave them together and

grief makes their circle all around,

then she alone fronts herself

even in these adverse circumstances

and tries not to get any trouble on her part,

even in the opposite circumstances.

It becomes a medium of

encouragement for your share.

This state of love and

love prevails even

when it is surrounded by problems.


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