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Windows of Rainbows: Inspired by a Leonard Cohen Song

John is passionate about human and animal rights, social justice, equality, and the environment, and likes to convey that in his writing.

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The Inspiration for This Poem

I had just listened to "The Stranger Song" by Leonard Cohen. It was about the same time that the Philippines had just been hit by a terrible typhoon destroying cities and taking many lives. The song and Cohen's voice stirred up a range of emotions, and this poem is the result.

The poem 'Windows of Rainbows' can be recited to the same beat as 'The Stranger Song' or at least that was going through my head as I wrote. I, therefore, suggest you listen to the song before reading the poem.

Recently, friend and fellow writer and poet, Brenda Arledge provided a word prompt "rainbows" in her wonderful article: Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 38. I thought this was a good opportunity to reshare this article/poem as it fits the subject quite well.


Windows Of Rainbows

Sometimes you need to contemplate

The world in all its glory

All the good and bad

That happens every day.

You greet your next door neighbor

With a smile

And say, "How are you?"

But do you really wait for him to say?

You read the daily paper, or check the news online.

It doesn't really matter anyway.

Amidst all the destruction,

The death and people homeless,

Sometimes you feel that you're immune to crying.

There's surely good news out there

If you take the time to look,

But something's wrong, when

This is what you have to do.

If you have to search for happiness

Through all the pain and grief

That surrounds us from each corner

Of the world.

Then I stop and look around me

At everything I have,

And I realize how lucky

That I am.

Family gathering

Family gathering

Possessions, they mean nothing,

And success...well who can judge

If what you've done in life,

Has any worth?

The only thing that matters

Is the truth within your heart,

And if your actions

Compliment your words.

I turn towards the windows,

As I hear the pitter patter

Of raindrops, as they gather

On the glass.

The sunlight is still shining,

As the rain clouds start abating,

And the droplets shine

With multi-colored hues.

Gazing through the splattered glass

All dark thoughts leave my mind,

And in their place

Bright feelings, now exposed.

Of how to make things better,

And the world a nicer place,

As I look with different eyes, through...

Windows of rainbows.

Image by navallo from Pixabay

Image by navallo from Pixabay

© 2013 John Hansen

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