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Without Your Love

You waved and said goodbye,

And all I said is I will be fine,

Deep down all my emotions were crippled,

But my head held firm and high,

Tell me,

What I'm I going to do without your love.

Your love had become like a daily dosage,

You wrapped it all like a treasured package,

Now you want me to just forget all these?

What can I do without your love?

You had become a second life to me,

It's like we both had your daily routine,

Dancing together to the morning tunes,

How do I let go all your bad habits,

What I'm I going to do without your love?

I was used to those over sized shirts,

Smelling your shirt to get your scent,

Now we throw all these,

Trust me it doesn't make sense,

Don't worry it's just that I'm tensed,

I will learn to live without your love.

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