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Woolie has a background in social sciences and education. Writing has been a life long quest, yet life seems to set various obstacles.


Within me

A rumble begins

An unending immeasurable yearning
Within me
Outward silence
Calm and serene

As if
Within me was a dream
Duty and responsibility define and confine me

Within me A howling wild thing

Seeking to be released
Always part of me, being policed

The Why

Duty has always been a big part of my life. Between growing up a middle child, to seeing needs of others materialize before they know it is an issue, to taking on a career in human services, and now as a parent. Constantly and consistently at the forefront of my mind is how to make someone else's life easier for them. This poem highlights the struggle within me. I am sure there are others who have this as well, where their hopes/dreams do not appear as pressing as the matters of others, and, sacrifices are made. I am trying to quell this inner wolf, finding more balance in life overall. Maybe one day I will have found the magical secret that has yet alluded me.

© 2020 Woolie

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