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Within me


A seeping creeping loneliness

A crawling clawing emptiness

A burning fear

These are what is held within me

That old monster

It was banished long ago

But now

Now I all I feel is empty

All I feel is alone

No matter how many friends I make

No matter how much I speak to them

How much time I spend

There is still this gaping emptiness

And there it is

Left behind

I didn’t see it until now

There’s a shape

A mass

In my center

Seems that monster left something behind

It’s small

But I see it


And shrinking

As if every moment with them kills it

And every moment alone feeds it

I don’t need it gone anymore

It seems it’s just a part of me


There is only one way now

I have to fill this space

With something

Or Maybe

With someone

© 2017 David


David (author) from The land of the living on November 02, 2017:

Yea, you might be right. But i suppose loneliness does funny things to your perception you know?

Shannon Henry from Texas on October 29, 2017:

I can relate because I know that monster well. But someone is not the answer, though I am not sure what is. In the past I might have said Jesus is that someone. And now, though I still have faith, I say he is not "someone" who can completely banish the monster either. Because just as your title says, the battle is within.

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