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With This Vow...


With this vow…

I promise to never leave

your side until our days

have come to an end.

With this vow….

I promise to love you

until the end of time.

With this vow….

we share a bond

that is eternally

unbreakable by all.

With this vow…

we are bonded for

life to each other.

With this vow…

I promise you

my life is yours.

With this vow….

I declare that I

will always love you

and will always

cherish you for eternity.

With this vow…

I tie my life to yours

and promise to

always support you

no matter where life

takes us from here.

The Corrs - Breathless

Romeo Santos - Promise ft. Usher

© 2020 Emily


Emily (author) from Georgia on April 20, 2020:

Thank you Kyler. This piece definitely makes you take a long look at the vows that people promise each other. You are right without the promise of the vow it would really mean nothing. Sometimes we have to stop and really take a look at what we are saying to know that we can live up to what we are promising.

Kyler J Falk from California on April 20, 2020:

A beautiful little piece, with many vows that could prove hard to live up to! That's the beauty isn't it, the duality? Without the chance of broken vows, the promises within would mean nothing but be granted. In the end, the work toward making promises eternal, that is truly beautiful.

A wonderful piece, and it made me look deeply at the beauty and pain in vows.

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