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With Love the Impossible Is Possible

We Are Loved

We Are Loved

I know such an individual who can save us from those unpredictable moments.

I know its random to say, the impossible is possible,

any situation can be turned from a small seed to a full-blown tree.

Our faith needs to grow so this power can take place,

to manifest in the unknown,

keeping that hope alive

where it can breathe life to any situation.

I have seen it, showing living proof of such a love, so true;

bringing life to a moment, I thought would never be the same again.

Showing me the realness of faith,

where I can finally have my life back from all my past mistakes in this lifetime.

I went from a non-believer to a full-blown leader

just by letting this love step into my life;

I lost myself in others,

letting those demons take over my well-being

now being brought back with love.

If you ever question, Will I ever have your life back?

Do not fear!

for you can plant a new seed in your life,

bringing light to the dark and grow;

you will see that the impossible is possible.