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With Patience the Fetters Are Broken #3

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


When the lady discovered that her love has stated in unmistaken terms that he is in the

Problem with her, and she shouldn’t worry, her mind was at rest, and irrespective of what her

Mother is doing or saying at home, she was not moved again. When the woman discovers

That all the traps she has set for her daughter she did not fall into the trap she becomes

Confused and wonder who is the person she is involved with. She asks her husband to know

But the husband told her she is the one who ought to be closer to her daughter and know

About the person she is romantically involved with, but this she has failed to do before

Launching the attack on her and her daughter has applied wisdom and hid the identity from

All and sundry. She implores her husband to help find out because she knows that her

Husband and her daughter are very close, he is closer to her than her male children. Her

Husband promised to look into it but does not guarantee her, because now that the tension is

High she knows that she will be sensitive to issues like this and may not want to confide in

Him also. She pleaded with him to give it a trial. Her father invited her aside one day,

After talking with her, asks her to confide in him by telling him the person she is dating she

Would not bulge, for she is not sure of the side her father belongs to and only replied him that

When the dust is settled he and other would know the person she is romantically involved

With and she knows that he as a person would like the young man. All the pleas of her father

To tell her the person fell on her deaf ears for she says to herself, I will not risk his life

Because she knows that her mother is now desperate she may do something dangerous

And she would not want that to happen. Her father has never experienced such with her

Daughter all her life, for her daughter uses to confide in him easily, but in this case he denied

Him access because wisdom says she ought to do that. They continued to play like this,

And when the son of the leader discovers that the lady in question was just playing him and

Was not interested in him as her mother has supposedly made her to believe, he forges ahead

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With his life and got engaged to the lady he has liked when they were in the institution.

When he took the lady to his mother and his mother would not support that they get married

To each other, he worked his transfer of duties out of the community to another island with

The lady and their they got married. They would have been living as husband and wife

For five years before his mother knows, and when she knows, there is nothing that could be

Done again and the fetters on the lady’s woman was loosed and her daughter too could get

Marry to someone she really loves. When she brought home the young man, her parents

Were amazed and said, “we have been having that notion about the young man, but what they

Could not fix is that they have played their games well and when they were together even at

Home they would not behave as if anything is between them. when they couldn’t be

Really traced, therefore, they left the suspicion about them and started looking elsewhere,

Seeking for the living among the dead, seeking for what was not lost. They are very good

Companion her parents admitted and says they believe she is in a better hand, even better

Than the person her mother wanted her to be married to. With patience the fetters are broken

She said to her father, if not for him, I would have fled the family but he is the one who says,

When the seas are roaring with their tides rising up, one does not need to run headlong

Into it lest one injures himself, he is the one who says with patience we shall see this through

Together and true to his words today we have been able to overcome the battle together she says with her arms all around his neck kissing him…


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