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With Patience the Fetters Are Broken #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Maybe if this has been revealed to her beforehand, she would have prepared for

Something like this and would have not bothered herself accepting the proposal of any man,

But this has completely been hidden from her. It is when she started talking about a man in

Her life, that her mother begins to tell her that she cannot marry anyone she does not

Know, because she has better offer for her in marriage. She was thinking she was dreaming

The first time that her mother says this, but she later discovers that she was not dreaming, that

Her mother is serious. She told her that the person she wants her to be married to is

Someone they have been very good friends, it is the son of one of their family friends. She

Replied her mother that none of the sons of their family member appeals to her and she has

Gotten someone, a vibrant guy who she is romantically involved with, but her mother

Would not agree to that. When there has been much heat on this issue at home that was when

Their mother came out that she signed a pact, entered covenant with some ladies when she

Thought she could no longer be married to anyone that if they can help her to get marry,

Her first daughter would be returned to the group and would be married to the son of their

Leader whom everyone has known. After her mother has stated this, she left her presence in

Annoyance. She was not happy living with the family again and things within the family

Have turned upside down. Her mother has taken different measures to bring her and the

Young chap she wants her married together but she increasingly dislike the Youngman.

Before now she has had some respects and likeness for him but when things changed, she

Has no respect for him and whenever she sees him she feels like killing him. Her mother has

Set different people up to be monitoring her for she wants to know the person she is


Romantically involved with to tell the person to stop seeing her daughter if he does not

Want to see her other side. All the people she has assigned to monitor her could not get the

Person she is romantically involved with despite all their efforts at getting the person. When

She has noticed her mother’s disposition to her love life, and her father’s relative silence

On the issue, she has told him of the need to employ wisdom in their communication. To

Achieve this the young man has bought a new SIM, and the opened a new email for sending

Messages to each other under which completely new identity that not many people

Around know. However, their interaction on the social media has been open ended one, they

Hardly made any close comments on each other’s posting, on social media, they usually

Divert people’s attention by making mention of people they are not romantically involved

With as lovers on the social media. Through this it becomes difficult to trace them for those

Monitoring them have been looking at those places, but they are in total oblivion that they

Have devised another means. Her lover has assured her that if she knows that she would

Not break his heart that he is in the struggle with her together and he knows that as sages

Used to say that “there is nothing that patience cannot overcome, adding that even patience

Can cook a stone” thence he has implored his spouse to let them exercise patience and as

She has made up her mind for him and he makes up his mind for her, when they exercise patience they will overcome all the obstacles.


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