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With Patience the Fetters Are Broken #1

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She did not know that things would be this difficult with her when she wants to choose her

Spouse, for she and her siblings have been growing in a lovely atmosphere with loving and

Caring parents. Now that she knows that she has come of age and she is thinking about

Settling down with her lover that was when the tide of things changed in the family,

Because her mother has insisted that she cannot just marry anyone because of the pact she has

Signed with some ladies when she was young. The said pact that her mother is talking about,

Neither she nor her siblings have ever heard of the story before. All that their mother has

Been telling them was how she was lucky to have found their father when all hopes seem lost

For her and all her age-mates have been married to men of their choice. Fifteen years have

Passed when the last lady except her among her peers in the island has tied the knot with

Her heartthrob before she met with their father in a friend’s birthday party in the community.

Theirs’ cannot be called love at first site because that day she was not really happy gracing

The occasion but because she has been assigned by the lady that she should bake the

Birthday cake, she cannot but be in the gathering. On getting to the venue of the birthday,

After she has placed the baked cake on a table set aside for it, she moves to a place to sit

Down and has been subsumed in her mind of the thought of getting a man whom she can

Call hers, the dream of her own. She was in this position when she was called to be a

Moderator to how the cake would be cut. After performing what she has been called upon to

Do, she returned to her place, still looking at the situation of things. In this sullen position

The young man whom she later got married to notices her mien and had walked up to where

She is, talking with her, but she was not in the mood for any discussion at the moment, and


Would not reply their father as ladies used to reply and talk to males at gathering like that.

Their father who has come alone to the party would not let her be, until he forces her that

They go and dance. As they were dancing together they started talking and she would not

Know what pushed her to say that she is tired of life. When her husband heard this, she

Pulled her apart and started talking with her, you are depressed he has told her, and you do

Not have to continue in this depressed and repressive mood if you want things changed with

You. Because of the mind-boggling issue in her heart, she told him what was disturbing

Him and their father told her that she needs not to worry about those who have married

Before her, for all his friends too have married and infact according to him, the last colleague

Of his got married 25 years ago, and here is he, he also is yet to get attached to any lady

Let alone thinking about marriage. When she heard what he said, she looked up, looking

Straight into his eyeball, this means what happened to ladies also happen to guys too, she

Said. All of us are humans, we have blood running through our venous and arterial

Systems therefore what you are also passing through we also passed through similar things he

Said to her. She says within herself, it means we are suffering similar thing here. From there

They continued their acquaintance. And would get married to each other few months

After. This is the common story that their mother used to tell them about how she has met

With their father, her lover, she has never talked about some groups being anywhere and that

She signed a pact with anyone before she got married. When she who is her first daughter

Wants to marry that was when she told her that she cannot marry the person she has loved

Because she has signed a pact with some group of ladies when she was seeking for a man to

Be married to that if they can help her to secure a decent man, her first daughter would Marry the son of the leader of the group.