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Witch in White


Hey you with the grey sail that comes ever closer,

shining embroidery in glimmering sun that but edges ever forward.

Your mates that act as friends of ever changing falsehoods that take everything from me,

The ropes of dangle and straggling white witches that cling to my decks once polished and white,

I defy you.

I've sacrificed family and support via the plank, the dead oarsmen row and row in automatic and desperate flight,

The slow lullaby by the witch in white, culling any possible help from sight as I edge to the shore,

Seemingly dying.

Yet the tsunami crashes and breaks the hull of my ship like a repeating nightmare,

I stay collapsed upon my knees in agony with falsified delight.

Yet I see the lighthouse that maintains a full and unending twelve steps from the skies,

I can seemingly take one step then two but you with the grey sail break apart on my third step through.

Why do I still need you with the animal-like ways you try so hard to display,

I must step on your sails with that fourth step yet I know you'll make it hell to pay.

Stay strong I must as the fifth through the ninth I'll find over time,

But for now from present to alternate future I must redefine.

I now surrender to the world that I never thought that I ever really belonged.

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