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Wishing On A Shooting Star

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Lee is an aspiring writer who makes poems in his free time. Words and lines give him comfort in trying times.

Had a glimpse of the night
Cold, gloomy, still
Carrying this weight, heart's already numb
Hope is moonlight in the morning
Eyes drowning, imprisoned in tears
Weary spirit swept by the crashing waves.

Climbed the top to see its radiance
Believing that my wishes will come true
Make a wish on that falling star
Forget the heartbreaks of your past
Or the happiness you've always wanted?

Shooting star, what's your secret?
Will the desires of thirsty be quenched?

Hurry and close your eyes, utter the words
Riches, fame, or everlasting love?
I'm just here wishing for a small thing
To free my heart that's long been caged.

Oh Falling Star, can you do it
Revive something already buried?
Last rites done, tears cried
Laying on the tomb of sorrow and regret...

The lofty dreams of my youth.

© 2019 Lee Yael

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