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If I Was Bad

The author wants to enjoy the essence of life and stay happy as long as possible even in the darkest days.

They are probably happy,

they don't care about other's feelings,

they don't keep thinking if they were good enough today

while staring at the lamplight at midnight

they are probably not the best people to hang out with,

but not the worst

jealous and greedy close ones are way too dangerous

He thinks so

as he enjoys his everyday cup of coffee while the snow falls like

glitters onto the ground,

He might not be the jokester of his group,

but being called garage is not quite kind,

he thinks of his father who never let his mother stay at ease,

she would hide him in the cupboard,

and he would sit all evening listening to his mother's pain driven screams,

A warm stream of glittery tears form in his eyes

as he is reminded of his mother's bruised face,

He quickly wipes them off with the hem of his sweater,

He could never be like his father,

he shouldn't

and he would not


His mother's values are stronger than his bully's punches.


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