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Wiping the Slate Clean: An Incredibly Arduous Journey

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Can't believe this is happening again and again

Thought life was heading in the right direction

Had a partner to walk through life's endless wilderness

Helped to guide through the rough and ready terrain

When it was hard to fathom or see 10 inches ahead or back

Realized that the chosen travel buddy was a coward in disguise

Ran for easier trails when the pathway ended up being tougher

Than signed up for after looking at the brochure in the bowling alley

Understood that not everything was fun and games after tenth frame

Came to realization that it was better to have someone stronger

Better emotional and physical endurance levels when the road got longer

More challenging and was better equipped to cope with any weather

Not just the sunnier side of the journey, but all aspects

Was lousy feeling to become fully aware that bet placed on wrong horse

Lost the last race and was left with little else to go on, except hope

For a better future that was beyond the clouds and trees

Whether it was alone or with an interestingly curious party

Better to find out the hard truth before another trip goes awry

Sadly, no refunds to be had this time around

Have to be careful in choosing another travel partner

Intrigued and frustrated at the same time about it

Starting over from scratch can be one of two things

Very therapeutic or very terrifying depending on which

One you're looking at right this very moment

If it was a relief to go back to the beginning is one thing

Being forced to begin again can be a little like rewinding a bad movie

Or playing at the starting square in your least favorite board game

After one false move forced the player to redo it all again

Searching for a new horizon and a second chance to do it differently

Not making the same unintentional mistakes done before

Even though you did nothing wrong

Trying to see the silver lining in those dark storm clouds

Surrounding the not so enchanted forest

Stuff of non-existent legends in the flesh

Walking past certain natural misconceptions and anxieties

Looking forward only, unless it was to make a turn of some kind

Onto the Yellow Brick Road with some of Dorothy's old friends

To see a wizard about getting to the ultimate home sweet home

Don't know if I'll get there, but the trip will be memorable nonetheless.

We're off to see a wizard about something.

We're off to see a wizard about something.

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