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Winter's on the Way

I will never cease to wonder at the seasons of life, and how we must adapt, or become useless. Life is a lifelong challenge for each of us.

Is it just Fall? or is it Winter?

Is it just Fall? or is it Winter?

Winter is Coming

Well, It's been so hot and muggy day after day

With the Sun beating down so hard on me

But now comes the steamy clouds and the cooling rain

Showing me that very soon, the winter will be on its way.

The roses are through with blooming and summer flowers faded

the Sun is no longer beating down on me.

I see the days grow short and the sky a darker grey

all this makes me think that winter's on the way.

The oak leaves will fall in the colder evening breeze

The Sun's pulled back from us and is far away

With branch's bare, soon, cooler grows the day's

Its proving to me, that winter's on the way

The birds that nested in the trees, bore their young

in nests of twigs, and sang their tweeting song's

but now they are gone, flying their little family's away

showing me, its inevitable that winter's on the way.


© 2021 Oscar Jones

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