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Winters Gaze

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Winters Gaze

Her stare is piercing,


but comforting,

For her chill brings up recollections of years past,

Snowball fights,

Angels wings.

Flakes melt on the cheek like tears from the sky,

Frozen in time.

We hide from her,

Taking comfort in our homes,

In our people,

Wrapping ourselves up like wool-covered gifts,

Layer upon layer, we hide from natures touch,

Not letting her get too close.

But we come out once in a while to bask in her beauty,

Like bears, we hibernate;

We turn to domesticity.

We are reminded of how fortunate and sheltered we are.

Remembering those who are not so blessed,

Who are exposed to life's harshness in many ways,

Who must weather the cold without four walls and warm beds.


Spring waits patiently, whispering her imminent arrival.

A blade of grass peeks through the snow,

Flower buds make their presence known,

Reminding us that they will soon be in bloom,

Reminding us not to give up hope.

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