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Winter Passes

Breeze of winter, so graceful and cold
Fresh air for my lungs, but unforgiving im told.

Darkness engulfs the hills and I'm surrounded by
Withered trees, where the fuck am I, God help me please.

Follow the path through bushland and marsh
You'll find the place I'v prepared, although it maybe harsh.

I hike through reeds and sand, I really do enjoy
all the smells of this land.

A shadow appears on my path, are you friend of foe?
It whispers, walk a little futher and you might just know.

So I travel with haste, I dont like this place at all.
I begin to run, trip, stumble and fall.

I hear laughter from almost all directions,
"Look at how small you are, a million imperfections."

You're closer than you think, give up now...
and you're self esteem will shrink.

Tears cover my eyes, I can't see where I walk,
I believed in his lies and my negative self talk!

Everyone is so far ahead...
and the sun will set soon
keep going, keep praying, whistle a tune.

© 2017 Adam Mason

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