Winter Night

Updated on November 30, 2017

Are we inside?

Winter in New England, means snow storms! But that doesn't mean we are hiding inside the house.

Snow Blind
Snow Blind | Source

Candles and Igloos

The wind flickers the flame.

Winter Night

The wind howls in the night.

The trees fight to hold their position, as the bitter cold snow whips and swirls to the ground.

Are we inside?

Not at all!

There are snowball fights to be fought, sleds to be slide and snowforts to be built!

At last the snow fort is built and we huddle in our little fortress and laugh at the wind as it tries to tame

the flame of our candle.

Still it glows.

Hot chocolate time!

We race for the house and sigh with relief at the wave of warmth that the house shares with us.

Our faces are red, our noses are runny!

We wiggle and wobble, as we try to pull off our boots

Now all snuggle together under a quilt on the crowded sofa.

Our hot chocolate in hand.

Our feet begin to regain their feeling.

Still…the wind blows and howls in the night.


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