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Winter Hovers

Laura is a mother of two, a teacher, writer and an artist. She also identifies with dreamer, visionary, advocate and an organizer.


Winter hovers

refusing to assent,

Continuing to envelope

the hardened land.

Minute saplings

and diminutive seedlings

claw their way through the crusty loam.

Bruising their tendrils,

grimacing as they shoot upward.

Sun kissed fronds

rejoice in the sudden warmth,

only to shiver and shake

when night falls and brings

an unexpected blanket of snow.

Silhouettes of frozen trees

stretch their limbs out

to the promise of warmth,

as flares shoot outward

while rising in the eastern sky.

The shrill song of the Robin,

the affirmation of spring,

cajoles feathered friends

into warbles, croons and whistles.

Winter hovers

however it won't be long

before meadows boast brilliant colors

and foliage surges forward

as if competing in a race.

The whir of bees

will reverberate their mission

to propagate life.

The Earth celebrates

its birth once again.

© 2019 Laura Cole

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